About us

Distrilab BV, established in 1978,is importer/distributor of laboratory equipment and analytical chemicals. Traditionally its territory was the Benelux, but for some suppliers Distrilab covers greater Europe.

One of the suppliers from the very beginning was Duke Scientific from the USA, manufacturer of small polystyrene particles used as particle size standards, count controls and for all kinds of diagnostic applications. Because Duke Scientific had no successful distributors elsewhere in Europe and beyond, Distrilab gradually began fulfilling this role. This proved successful and since the particle technology business is quite different from the other activities, they were tranferred to a separate entity: Distrilab Particle Technology BV. The "traditional" laboratory equipment and chemicals activities continued as Distrilab Laboratory & Process B.V. This company distinguishes itself by offering unique technology, such as the rotating and reciprocating piston principle of the valveless ceramic pumps and dispensers from Fluid Metering, the spinning band technology in the fractional distillation systems from BR Instrument or the three dimensional "Paul Schatz" principle applied to the Inversina shaker/mixers from Bioengineering. 
All product lines are supported by Distrilab's own product specialists. Together with it's suppliers, with whom long-term relationships are established, Distrilab can offer it's customers optimal support and service. Customers are seen as partners rather than as customers.