B/R Instrument

Distrilab Laboratory and Process is distributing B/R Instrument distillation systems for more than 20 years. B/R Instrument has specialized in laboratory distillation equipment since 1966. Common uses of its distillation systems include solvent recycling, solvent purification, crude oil distillation, and many other applications of high efficiency fractional distillation.

Solvent Recycling in laboratories has become more common place in recent years. Solvent recyclers are used in histology labs to recycle xylene, alcohol, formalin and xylene substitutes. HPLC solvent recycling and GPC solvent recycling have also become more popular due to the high cost of these solvents. Many other types of solvents are also recyclable. Solvent recycling can save money in the laboratory by greatly reducing the cost of purchased solvents as well as he disposal cost of solvents.

Crude oil distillation and petroleum distillation are also common applications of our fractional distillation equipment. Traditional, true boiling point distillation (D2892) and vacuum pot still distillation (D5236) can be performed on samples from 1 to 200 liters. Samples from 1 liter to 10 ml in size can be analyzed using our spinning band distillation equipment.

ASTM D1160 vacuum distillation equipment is available in fully automatic, semi automatic, and manually operated models.

Fractional distillation has many other applications which are too numerous to mention here. B/R Instrument can provide a high efficiency distillation system for your application. Fully automatic and manually operated distillation equipment is available.

There are many other applications of B/R Instrument’s high efficiency fractional distillation equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions.